Kassidy Yang is a fashion, beauty & portrait photographer based in Brisbane, QLD , Australia. She started her own business in July 2010 since being heavily influenced by loved ones.

She still continues to build up her portfolio while taking on industry leading brands and known fashion clothing brands, small local boutiques and photography magazines both local and worldwide.

The one thing that she wants the most though - is to be an inspiration.

She wants to have the ability to inspire others, and in order to reach out in the most effective way, whether it's through her photos or personal blog.


  • Dissh
  • Princess Polly
  • Lolola Boutique
  • Ivy and Ash Boutique
  • Oyster and Pearl
  • Hilde Heim Designer Bride & Cocktail
  • Dragonberry Boutique
  • That Ring Place
  • Portmans
  • Donnie Bishop
  • Glamorous Life By-Joanne Rahn
  • Calvin Klein
  • Vivacious
  • Kornelia's Kloset
  • Evening Pose
  • My Fashion Eye
  • Be Mysterieux

  • Hopscotch Boutique
  • Alex Mcguire
  • Black Milk
  • Cocozero Dress
  • The Hiding Tree
  • Lali Mac Boutique
  • Ra Ra Superstar
  • Lace Fashion Boutique
  • Lavender Latte Boutique
  • Yumi Boutique
  • X-GIN
  • Fiasco & Phoenix
  • Lounge Intimates
  • No Bra Club
  • Bondi Sands
  • Smart Tea CO NZ
  • Le Tans

  • Charlie Magazine (online)
  • Fashionising.com (online)
  • Talking Mum Magazine (online/print)
  • Fashion's Sweethart blog (online)
  • Onya Magazine (online)
  • Nsmbl Magazine (online)
  • En Vie Magazine (online/print- UK & JAPAN)
  • Atlas Magazine (Online/print)
  • Glacier Magazine (online)
  • IZE Magazine (online)
  • Ember Magazine (online)
  • Paper Aquarium Magazine (online)
  • Di Moda Magazine (online)
  • Whim Magazine (online)
  • Wove Magazine (online)
  • Vogue Italia (online)

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